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by Gerald M.L.Misrahi

Hello Michael,
I only got this site yesterday, from our common
friend , Claude Sassoon, who now lives in
Canada and is the only GPS student I''m in
contact with.I was very sorry to hear about the
passing of your sister, Mary,who was a great
I''m living in São Paulo, Brazil, I''m married,
have a daughter and 2 granddaughter.I graduated
in business administration, worked as a
marketing manager for several years, opened my
own manufacturing company, closed a couple of
years ago and now am retired. I write short
stories and am preparing a semi-autobiographical
novel, in which my childhood in Egypt will be
part of.
I was hoping of going to Greece some day and was
looking forward to eventually meeting you and
Mary. Regretfully, I''m aware that this is now
impossible but, still,I would be glad to meet
you if possible.Do you live in Athens?
Hoping to hear from you soon,

posted on Friday, December 21, 2012
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