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This is quite incredible, Stelio. Telepathy! I was thinking about you last week while I was in Greece! Wondering whether I should put an ad in the local paper that would read "STELIO MAMATIS ex English School Cairo - WHERE ARE YOU??"

Your message is nearly one year old now, so I wonder if you will ever read this. I will try your email address and hope you respond.

For the record, to all of you who may read this, the friendships that were forged at The English School Cairo have lasted forever. I am still in touch with class mates and good friends such as Marwan Hammad, Mohsen Amer, Peewee Amer, Hassan Gemei, Mimi Gemi, Mahmoud Yousef, Bassem Abdallah, Abdallah Simeka, Sherif El-Tahry, Nadia Younes, Nahed Younes, Maxy, etc.

We should try to organise an Old Boys''Meeting sometime soon, somewhere central - London perhaps?

posted on Monday, September 02, 2002
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