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Architect Ariston St. John Diamant (1874-1950)
by Bree DaCosta

I have some questions about the ESC (1938-1956)
located in Cairo, Egypt.

The architect was Ariston St. John Diamant (1874-
1950). Are there any architectural blueprints of
the main four story building? Any available
information about the pre WWII British firm of
contractors, Messrs. Hettena Bros.

Was there a radio installation or a ham radio rig
inside the school during the 1940s and early
1950s? If so, are there any QSL cards as a proof
of contact?

What was the purpose of the ceiling less structure
located on the roof of the main building?

Where were the dorms located?

Any known stories about pupils Helenita, Mary-
Louise and Paul Pope, who perished with their
father in the infamous TWA 903 crash?
Is there any inclination from the Egyptian
government to retire and preserve this iconic

posted on Wednesday, June 03, 2020
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