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Posting a message with hope.
by Shamel Topsakal

Dear Old Boys/Girls,

I sincerely hope that this message will be read by someone who will remember me. I was at the ESC starting at the Junior school all the way to the senior school. Frobisher/Rhine House. Graduated in 1963. I have been living in Montreal for the past twenty-four years. When I was living in Cairo, I worked for the Al Ahram Computer Centre for about ten years. Does anyone remember me..?
Shamel Topsakal.

P.S Some of my class mates were Fouad Abdel Maksoud, Nini Shaarawi, Maged El Kommos, Simone Sednaoui, and of course her brother Paul. Mona El Aleily, Ahmed Refai, Hani Riad, Mostafa Hamed, Abu Bakr Radwan...(and much more).

posted on Friday, May 05, 2000
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