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by Mohamed (Mado) Zaki & Sawsan Nosseir (Chahine)

Hello Madiha : Thank you for taking the initiative in proposing - and hopefully ultimately organizing - our International Reunion in Egypt, which would combine the Egyptian, UK, and North American Chapters for the first time !
We particularly commend you on planting the seed so early, affording time for those members living outside Egypt to nurture the idea and plan for it well ahead. As you know, we are postponing our North American Reunion this year, so your proposed reunion in Egypt next year gives us something we can all look forward to. Be assured you have our full support from this side of the Atlantic.
(Note from Mado : Regret I failed to contact you during my last visit to Cairo, but I realise you have your inside sources and are up-to-speed on all matters ! Salaams !)

posted on Friday, April 28, 2000
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