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Nice to know that some one remember you!!
by Nopadol Wongsarot

Dear Nehro,

Thank you and very happy for your replay, you
must refresh my memory a little bit, it was a
long time ago . Yes, you are right I and my
family took the same bus ( Bus number 14 passed
through Zamalak to Engineering city those day.)
some of our friend like Omar Sardanie, or Armer
Mohammad Fazzie were our friends (I later learn
in 2000 that Armer Mohammad Fazzie pass away
many years before in a car accident on the
desert road between Cairo and Alexandra?) In
still have many photo of the school and friends
those days back in Bangkok like Shardan Gabar,
Nihal , Abuhadi Bringi, Hesham and many other
friends, it will take me time to remember their
names and faces…!

Nice to know that some one still remember you
after such a long time, here is my personal
email address " wongsarot@hotmail.com" contact
me so we could have more chat OK? keep in touch.

Best Regards


posted on Thursday, July 26, 2007
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