London Reunion 2006, Hyde Park, London, UK
May 7, 2006

A Report by Eileen Hall (Mills)

This reunion was one of the best for those who attended from the feedback and compliments we received. The venue is superb, with a panoramic view over Hyde Park and plenty of room to move around and talk to old friends. The canapes were beautiful, as well as tasty, and everyone seemed to be very enthusiastic and happy to be together once more. It was also wonderful to see people from all over the world attend and especially those who were at the school towards the end.

The following OG/OB's attended:

Alan x2
Mohsin Amr
Hally Antoniou
Charlie Aquilina
Georgina Ashworth (Murray)
Alla Badrawi x2
Jane Beattie (Aquilina)
Lilian Blum (Platts)
Judy Botterell (Coyle)
Joe Buhagiar
Nourah Carruth (Rostem)
Guido Castro
Roland Castro
Susie Castro x2
Mrs. Dobson x2
Fernando Durante x2
Ellis Dwek x2
William Edwards
Hassan El Shafei
Audrey Evans
Aziza Fahim (Nofal)
Ted Geiry
Mohammed Gemei
Peter Gibson
Ramsay Gohar x2

Jane Grant
J. Hagaar
Eileen Hall (Mills) x2
Herminone Hammond (Earle)
Nabila Harris (Sarofim) x2
Joan Hill x2
Ivy Ingham (Bradley)
William Kemp x2
Fanny Kyriakidis
Paul Massey
Marwan Meguid
Ramsay Mikaati
Guy Mossery
Albert Perry
Aziza Radwan
Alan Regdwall
Ann Ritchie
Elisabeth Rousell (Bennett) x2
Omar Shaheen
Iam Simpson
Margaret Taji (Tulloch)
Tammy Tanquery
Samir Tewfik
Armenag Topalian x2
Vicky Wassef Tawadros

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