London Reunion 2008, Royal Lancaster Hotel, London, UK
May 7, 2008

A Report by Eileen Hall (Mills)

It was a beautiful warm, sunny day in London and the venue was wonderful, as we could view Hyde Park from the panoramic windows.

This year we had fewer attendances than last year, but it was very friendly and everyone seemed to enjoy it, meeting up with people they had not seen for years. The food was, as usual fabulous and all I can say, is that it was hard to tear people away at the bewitching hour that we had to leave the hotel.

We had arranged a dinner at a Lebanese restaurant in the evening and 17 people were brave enough to venture out and join us...the meal was terrific and, again, it was a friendly noisy atmosphere that we created in the room that we had allocated to us.

Please join us again next year and have fun.

The following OG/OB's attended:

Ellis and Gill Douek
Hilary Hart
Jill Wilson
John and Janice Garrod
David and Naomi Bassett (Earle)
Noura Carruth
Guido Castro
Elizabeth Georgian
Fernando and Antonella Durante
Susan Lissenden
Hermione Hammond (Earle)
Ivy Ingham
Audrey Evans
Pamela Flower (Palmer)
Armenag Topalian
Ann Ritchie (Freeman)
Charles Aquilina
Jane Beattie (Aquilina)
Emmy Hettana
Alan and Elizabeth Topalian
Manuel Camara
Bill and Christine Kemp
Lillian Blum (Platts)
Pat and Henry Berrington
Marcel James and Simon
Aziz Radwan
Suha Wright (Dajani)
Mrs. Grant
Margaret Davies
Vicky Tawadros (Wassef)
Jonathon and Nabila Harris (Sarofim)
Ray and Emma Hall
Eileen Hall (Mills)
Maragret Taji (Tullock)
George Kardouche
Micky Capaitizis
Svend Larsen
Doris Wehlen (Braus)
Mr. and Mrs Issa Dajani
Samir Tewfik
Mohammed Gemei

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