London Reunion 2011, The Royal Garden Hotel, London, UK
May 15, 2011

A Report by Eileen Hall (Mills)

This year's London reunion was held at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington. Numbers attending were slightly down on last year, but the enthusiasm was overwhelming. This year we thought it was time we had a sit down affair, so we had drinks from 12pm till 1pm allowing for people from afar to arrive, then we had a sitdown buffet which turned out to be just what was needed for our poor legs until 3pm.

The venue was in an extrememly elegant room, we had circular tables with lovely starched tableclothes and the staff was helpful and very pleasant. The food was tasty and plentiful and we all had a great time catching up with our friends who came from Europe, Egypt and the UK. We missed our friends from N. America, but hope next year this will be rectified.

We will aim for May again next year, most probably at the same venue, in plenty of time before the rush for the Olympics and hope that many of you will be able to attend as these gatherings seem to confirm how closely knit we are, as Eddie Yaghdjian wrote in 2005 after a Cape Cod ESC Reunion, "by mutual affection, esteem and respect".

The following OG/OB's attended:

Janet and John Garrod
Nourrah Carruth
Guido Castro x2
Hilary Hart
Guy and Lisa Mosery
Peter Gibson
Mohammed Gemei
Lilian Blum
Anne Nasr
Armenag Topalian
Fanny and Tony Smith
Bill and Christine Kemp
Susie Jaffet (Castro) x2
Aziza Fahim
Eileen Hall x2
Jill Wilson
Gilane Tawadros
Tammy Tawadros
Emma Hall
Taki and Leila Raissi
Svend Larsen

Emmy Hettena
Nora Williams
Elizabeth Shaw
Naomi and David Bassett
Pamela Flower
George Kardouche x2
Margaret Guy
Jimmy Rough
Amina Mashkas
Samir Tewfik
Jane Grant
Vera Sand
Margaret Davies
Nabila Harris x2
Nando and Antonella Durante
Nadia Hamdy
Peter Holmes

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