London Reunion 2013, The Royal Garden Hotel, London, UK
May 12, 2013

A Report by Eileen Hall (Mills)

This year was the most noisy and enjoyable reunion for many years.

Video taken by Lucy Crowley (a guest)

The following OG/OB's attended:
Mohammed Zaki
Fanny Smith(K), 1949-56
Susan Dobson
Anne Nasr
James Rough, 1942-51
Peter and Silvia Hornung
Soloman and Gillian Green
George Kardouche, 1952-54
Samir Ahmed
Nourah Carruth, 1953-57
Emmy Hettena, 1953-56
Gengiz and Suzanne from USA
John and Janice Garrad, 1950-52
Ellis and Gillian Douek
Guido Castro and Maureen Lipman
Elizabeth Shaw, 1945-55
Margaret Davies
Susan Lissenden
Naomi and David Bassett
Margaret Guy, 1950-57

Armenag and wife Topalian
Maurice and Solveig Fraser, 1949-56
Aziz Radwan
Aziza Fahim, 1955-63
Lilian Platts, 1950-56
Nabila and Jonathon Harris, 1948-56
Eileen and Ray Hall, 1942-52
Annie Norsa
Mary Twynham
Doris Wehlen
Paul Massey
Mohammed Gemei, 1955-61
Hassan Gemei
Cris Pelly
Devlet Rateb
Noura Williams, 1963-67
Azza and Ala Badrawi
Ronald Dwek
Safinaz Daoud

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