London Reunion 2015, The Royal Garden Hotel, London, UK
May 17, 2015

A Report by Eileen Hall (Mills)

Yet again we had a fabulous reunion in May at the Royal Garden Hotel. Fifty people attended the lunch, some coming long distances from England and some even longer distances from the USA, Europe and even our home base, Egypt. I hope we will be able to continue this gathering for more years to come, as there seems to be a need for us to meet with old friends.

The following OG/OB's attended:

Aziz Radwan
George Kardouche
Nabila and Jonathon Harris
Noura Carruth
James Rough
Jill Wilson
Pat Scutton (Graham)
Hilary Hart
Emmy Hettena
Lilian Blum
Tamy Tanquery
Naomi David
Alison Bassett (Earle)
Peter Gibson
Pat Berrington
Nadim and Linda Atalla
Mustapha Serageldin
John and Janice Garrod
Elizabeth Georgian

Eileen Hall (Mills)
Nando Durante
Elizabeth Fox
Monica Hass
Nora Williams
Christine Ensign
Joe and Joanna Antebi
Maurice Fraser (Fahmy)
Gill and Ellis Douek
Gamilla and Geoff Street
Samir Tewfik
Georgina Asworeth (Murray)
Mohammed Gemei
Aladin and Azza Badrawi
Maureen Lipman
Guido Castro
Fanny Smith (Kyriakedis)

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